well sweet,i like fishing and riding dirtbikes and crap.i honestly dont think i could live without some of the people in my life.i have the best sister anybody could ask for,shes a true BAMF.music is one of the most important things in my life,its my passion.i like alot of stuff like pearl jam,deftones,breaking benjamin,alice in chains,the list goes on forever.i never hide who i am and i think everybody else should do the same.i post all kinds of things like memes,rage comics,and just stuff i like so follow me if you dare.

Monday 25th February

Is anyone else completely terrified by the concept that you could, someday, meet someone who actually genuinely wants to spend the rest of their life in love with you?

Friday 4th January

im not feeling to hot

Sunday 9th December

now just drive with me far…away

Sunday 11th November

roses are red violets are blue poems are dumb im moving to colorado



i feel like this a lot


i feel like this a lot

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